TEADIT Industria e Comercio

Established in 1948, TEADIT Industria e Comercio was the first manufacturer of sealing devices in South America and founding Company for the whole, world wide, TEADIT GROUP.
Today, TEADIT Industria e Comercio employs some 1,000 employees and has approximately 60,000 square metres of production space. With more than 75 percent of market share, TEADIT Industria e Comercio is the market leader in Brazil for stuffing box packings - jointing sheets in all materials - industrial textiles and yarns -glass fibre and other insulation materials - etc. 

TEADIT® Ind. E. Com. Ltda.
Av. Pastor Martin Luther King Jr., 8939
Colegio 21530-010
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Phone +55 21/2132 2500
Fax +55 21/2132 2550
E-mail: export|at|teadit.com.br


TEADIT Juntas is the South American market leader in the manufacture and distribution of spiral wound gasket - heat exchanger gaskets and other metallic and non-metallic gaskets, metallic and non-metallic bellows, expansion joints and compensators. They have been an important part of the TEADIT group for over 30 years.

TEADIT® Juntas Ltda.
Av. Mercedes Benz, 390
13055-720 Campinas, SP, Brazil
Phone +55 19/3765 6500
Fax +55 19/3225 5614
E-mail: export|at|teadit.com.br

TEADIT Argentina

TEADIT® Argentinia
Valdenegro 3163/67
C1431ACI Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone +54 11/4543 4849
Fax +54 11/4543 4748
E-mail: teaditar|at|sinectis.com.ar